Adobe makes fun of "Hovering Art Directors" in ad for Adobe Stock

A baby bear and two pixels to the left

Adobe makes fun of “Hovering Art Directors” in ad for Adobe Stock

A new video created by Mcgarrybowen Amsterdam takes the piss out of a scenario that young designers may be all too familiar with. In it, a designer responds to the absurd requests of his “hovering art director” as they work to create last-minute artwork for a fictional ginger beer brand named Wolfbear.

The designer keeps up with the art director’s endless requests in real time using Adobe Stock, an online image library that’s accessible right inside the Adobe Photoshop interface. The final artwork becomes ridiculously elaborate, featuring over 100 Adobe Stock images, including a wolf, a rocket, a baby bear, a sick guitar, and a spectacular volcanic explosion that brings it all together (of course).

Keeping up with Hovering Art Directors

“We really pushed the content to the maximum, looking for all sorts of images to make this crazy composition. We discovered firsthand how much quality and diverse content Adobe Stock offers. You just chuck a search term into the side panel and seconds later there it is in your comp,” Mcgarrybowen’s creative director Daniël Sytsma told The Drum.

My favourite part is when a marketing expert unhelpfully chimes in with a suggestion to include “kittens for the millenials”. Oh dear, so relatable.