Krispy Kreme coffee reward cards

Flat white and red

Krispy Kreme redesigns its coffee reward card

I’m not a big coffee drinker at home or work and I certainly don’t go out of my way to grab a coffee at Krispy Kreme. There is, however, a store near my home which is a cheap and easy option when my friends and I need a sweet fix. On my most recent visit, I noticed that the company had redesigned its coffee reward card. Check out the old and new designs in the slider below (left and right respectively).

Old Krispy Kreme coffee cardNew Krispy Kreme coffee card

I’m guessing the main reason for the change is because the company has a new coffee bean supplier, evidenced by the logo at the bottom-centre of both cards. As far as the design goes, the new card is more in line with Krispy Kreme branding, featuring the familiar crimson colouring and polka dot pattern that we see on packaging. The old brown card had almost no ties to the branding (bar the logo) and could have belonged to any cafe really.

Interestingly, they’ve omitted the green “bowtie” graphic that’s a trademarked element of the logo proper. (Fortunately, I’m not very fond of it anyway.) Surrounding the logotype, instead, are various phrases set in Brandon Grotesque – a warm, rounded typeface inspired by early 20th century letterforms. It’s a pleasing pairing, and particularly relevant since the business was actually founded in the 1930s.

New Krispy Kreme coffee reward card (front)
New Krispy Kreme coffee reward card (front)

The way that “DOUGHNUTS & COFFEE” and “SINCE 1937” arc inwards make the whole lockup look like a bit like a badge. In doing so, it pushes the design modestly into “hipster” territory, and suggests an artisanal quality to the coffee service.

I won’t babble on about the stamped side of the card, other than to say that the terms and conditions text, although readable, is even smaller and thinner than before (something like 4 pt). Overall, it’s a nice redesign which puts the brand front and centre, and, more importantly, I’ll be less embarrassed to whip it out of my wallet.