WhatTheFont app

Putting a name to a (type)face

MyFonts relaunches WhatTheFont app with redesigned experience

Have you ever seen a great design and wanted to identify the fonts used? Or maybe a client has sent you artwork to emulate but doesn’t know which fonts were used. If you’re like me and need to put a name to a (type)face, then you might have employed MyFonts’ WhatTheFont web service to try and find a match.

Well now, MyFonts has released a revamped version of its font identification app, WhatTheFont, for iOS and Android, so that you can identify fonts on the go.

WhatTheFont app
WhatTheFont app (Source: MyFonts)

The new and improved app is more than just a duplicate of the WhatTheFont web interface, where you can upload typographic images – it’s a completely redesigned and streamlined way to identify fonts.

By simply taking a photo of a typeface used in a design, the WhatTheFont app will present the closest matching results from the MyFonts library, and allow you to try out the fonts with your own text.

The app is powered by machine learning to make it fast and accurate, as well as able to perform things the web version can’t, such as identifying connected scripts and multiple fonts in the same image.

Grab it from your app store and let us know how well (or poorly) it works in the comments.