SydNYE 2017

Local artist does wonders for the harbour city

Imagination reveals theme and artwork for Sydney 2017 New Year’s Eve celebrations

In their seventh year as the creative team behind the event, experience agency Imagination have revealed the theme and artwork for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney.

The creative expression is Wonder, and the theme for a suite of bold illustrations that represent the wonder of Sydney in summer – carefree days and relaxing nights filled with stunning flora and fauna – colours and sounds that are like nowhere else on earth.

Continuing their commitment to fostering local creative talent, Imagination collaborated with Sydney-based multidisciplinary designer and artist, Nadia Hernández, who has created eye-catching paper-cut designs.

Designed by Nadia Hernández
Designed by Nadia Hernández

Central to the series of artworks which capture Sydney’s “vibrant mood” and “cultural diversity” are five featured words: wonder, radiate, hope, dance, and together. The words appear alongside images of native plants and animals, the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach.

Around 600 banners with five designs will be displayed around the Sydney CBD from the end of November to early January 2018. The designs will also be animated on the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon projections and inspire the firework displays.

Nadia Hernández
Nadia Hernández (Source: ABC News)

Heath Campanaro, Director at Imagination, said in a statement: “Nadia has done a fantastic job bringing the wonder of summer to life with her designs, and it’s the perfect stepping stone to celebrate the potential of the next year ahead.”

Over a million people are expected to gather around Sydney Harbour this year and more than a billion will watch the midnight show from around the world.