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ASOS prints typo on 17,000 of its bags, calls them “limited edition”

UK-based online fashion giant ASOS has admitted to accidentally printing a typo on its delivery packaging, after realising that it failed to proofread a packaging order. In place of the tagline, “discover fashion online,” the bags read, “discover fashion onilne.” The store alluded the absence of a sub-editor – who was apparently on holiday – as the reason for the oversight.

By fessing up before shoppers would have even received the affected packaging, ASOS has managed to turn the blunder into a social media opportunity, leading to over 50,000 Twitter engagements. Some customers have even asked for their orders to be packed in one of the bags, while others have predicted the “limited edition” packaging would be flogged on eBay for ridiculous prices.

One wonders whether this was a carefully planned PR move or a genuine mistake. (I’ll choose to be positive and trust that it was unintended.)

ASOS has become a household name in Australia since it launched here in 2011. As one of the first major “fast fashion” retailers to hit the Australian market, ASOS gained popularity among fashion-conscious online shoppers with its wide product range, international styles and favourable returns policy.

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