Mario Day on Google Maps

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Drive with Mario on Google Maps for Mario Day

Guys and gals, today is Mario Day. Yep, that’s become a thing ever since it was noticed that today’s date written as “Mar. 10” looks like the word Mario! It’s an annual celebration of the entire Mario video game franchise, and to mark the occasion, Google has teamed up with Nintendo to bring Mario to Google Maps this week.

To get started, update your Google Maps app from Google Play or the App Store. Then you’ll see the ? Block from the Mario games appear at the bottom of the screen when viewing driving directions. Tap on it to begin Mario time!

It's-a Mario time! Mario Kart mode on Google Maps
It’s-a Mario time! Mario Kart mode on Google Maps

Once enabled, the navigation arrow becomes Mario in his kart! He will accompany you as you motor along towards your destination, steering his kart around corners and bends. When you arrive, Mario will shout “wee-hee!” and punch the air.

Mario on Google Maps
Mario on Google Maps

This isn’t the first time that Google has amused Nintendo fans. If you search “super mario“, you’ll see a ? Block on the right-hand panel which can be clicked on and makes the coin sound effect from Super Mario Bros. Click it 100 times to hear the 1-UP sound!