Playing fetch with artificial intelligence

Google Lens can identify dog and cat breeds

Google has mustered the power of artificial intelligence to help you identify popular dog and cat breeds in photos. The feature is the latest advancement of Google Lens, a tool that analyses pixels through machine learning to provide you with more details on what you see on your screen.

Google Lens animation featuring dog
Google Lens being used to identify a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Previously available as a standalone app on limited devices, Google Lens is now integrated into the Google Photos app, and it’s only getting smarter. As well as being able to recognise things – like animals, landmarks, artwork and books – it can offer rich information about the subject and, where relevant, interactive links that anticipate your next action.

Google Lens offering more information and ratings on a recognised landmark
Google Lens offering more information and reviews on a recognised landmark

For example, take a photo of a business card and you can save the details to a contact; snap a flyer or event billboard and you can add that event to your calendar; or capture a book cover and you can get reviews and other details about it. Discover what else it can do by grabbing the latest version of the Google Photos app from Google Play or the App Store.

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