That new car feeling

Google Maps lets you replace the navigation arrow with vehicle icons

Google has introduced a selection of new vehicle icons in the iOS version of its Maps app, to replace the usual blue arrow in navigation mode. It’s not the first time we’ve seen an alternative to the navigation arrow; on March 10, Google inserted an Easter egg into the app that transformed the arrow into a Mario Kart to celebrate Mario Day, however that fun feature was short-lived.

Now, you can choose a new icon for good, with options including “a stylish sedan, a timeless pickup truck, or a speedy SUV”. To access these, all you need to do is tap on the blue arrow while in navigation mode, and you will be presented with the choices below.

Google Maps's new vehicle icons
Google Maps’s new vehicle icons (Source)
Selecting the new vehicle icons in Google Maps on iOS
Selecting the new vehicle icons

Google hasn’t explained why the new feature hasn’t (yet) arrived on Android, though it’s not uncommon for the company to roll out new app functions on the iOS version first in order to gauge reception. The icons are cute, but it would be nice to see more options or customisation in the future – like a motorbike or the ability to change the colour of the vehicle.

Check out the new icons now and add a bit of fun to your trip.

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