Photo by Atilla Csaszar, Getty Images contributor

World-first partnership

Canon Australia and Getty Images launch “This is Australia” image collection

Canon Australia has partnered with visual media company Getty Images to launch a community-generated photo collection called “This is Australia“. The collection, which contains over 5,000 images from more than 200 photographers from the Canon community, showcases to the world the diversity that is alive within our local communities.

It responds to the growing demand for “real” imagery, and has been curated based on four distinct briefs on the principle of representing the Australia of today. The briefs are designed to generate a collection of stock photography that uncover and celebrate our many ethnicities and lifestyles, and change depictions of gender and age. In summary, they are:

Multicultural Australia: A Day in the Life

This brief is focused on portraying ethnically diverse Australians through a “lifestyle” lens. These images are reflective of things people do everyday, like taking the kids to school, playing football with mates or enjoying a BBQ in the park.

Re-picturing Gender

This brief aims to shatter the gender stereotypes that permeate stock photography. It seeks images that portray women in empowering situations, and men in roles that discard dull, destructive male stereotypes. Images that represent gender fluidity are also welcomed.

Conceptual Realism

This brief draws from the 2018 trend of conceptual realism – imagery that exists in the space between the abstract and the ordinary. It asks for conceptually-driven lifestyle imagery, grounded in reality but with an unexpected twist.

Age is Just a Number: Australian 50+ Lifestyle

This brief addresses the need for imagery that authentically depicts Australia’s ageing population. Our older generations lead exciting lives and are healthier than ever, and it makes sense lifestyle imagery that reflects their experiences – outside of nursing homes.

Photo by Marianne Purdie, Getty Images contributor
Photo by Marianne Purdie, Getty Images contributor

“We’re excited to partner with Canon on the ‘This Is Australia’ collection and look forward to seeing how brands can take these images forward and make for better representation in their advertising,” said Petra O’Halloran, Creative Research Editor at Getty Images. “We believe this is the best way to get a glimpse into authentic Australia.”