Are you getting paid your worth?

The Loop launches “real time salary reports” for creative professions

Online creative community The Loop has just launched a new tool designed to help those in creative professions – and those looking to get their foot in the door – develop a greater understanding of current market rates and salaries across 50+ job titles at various levels Australia-wide.

The free service is a response to the “overwhelming consensus” for many years that creative people need more information about salaries. It is particularly helpful for new freelancers who face the inevitable dilemma of determining how to charge for their work. (There are varying opinions and countless online articles on this very topic.)

The Loop real-time creative salary report
Example report for a Mid-level Photographer in Victoria

The salary reports are generated from live data collected directly from employers posting jobs and people applying for jobs across every profession, level and location in Australia. Therefore salaries displayed are a true indication of real-time market rates. No other platform in Australia, The Loop claims, provides salary data as accurate and continually relevant as this.

The transparent approach provided by The Loop will help ensure that creative professionals are fairly rewarded for the services they deliver. The company encourages us to share the reports with colleagues, managers and clients to help them cost out projects and discuss salaries. In doing so, we can contribute to the growth of our industry as more people understand and appreciate the value of creative work.

To view the salary reports, go here, select a level, profession and location and click “Create Report”. The service, while immediately useful, is in a beta phase and will continue to be improved in response to user feedback.

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