Add a little character to your plates

Emojis coming soon to Queensland number plates

From March 1st, drivers in Queensland will be able to customise their vehicle number plates by having an emoji at the end of it. The plates will be issued by the state government’s personalisation service, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ).

Don’t think you can chuck in any old emoji, though. Naughty. There are five you can choose from, for now, and these are the “Grinning Face” (😃) “Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes” (😍), “Smiling Face With Sunglasses” (😎), “Face With Tears of Joy” (😂) and “Winking Face” (😉).

Three of the new emoji plate styles
Three of the new emoji plate styles

The plates will come in standard and slimline sizes, with white on black characters which you can personalise with a mix of three letters and two numbers (five characters only). The emoji at the end is purely decorative and not part of the official identification of the number plates.

New orders of the plates will cost $475, redesigns will cost $165 and remakes will be $85.40. Ahh, the price of vanity. As with other personalised plate designs, the proceeds from the sale of the emoji plates will help support Queensland government initiatives, including road safety.

Queensland drivers can already change their plates’ colours and themes, with options including NRL team designs along with some international styles. Emojis are just the next iteration of customisation. What do you think about the idea? 👍, 👎 or 🤷?

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