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Microsoft redesigns filetype icons for Office

Following the update of the Office app icons, Microsoft has also revealed new icons for files associated with the apps – for example, Word documents (.docx files), Excel workbooks (.xlsx files) and PowerPoint presentations (.pptx files). Erin Woo, a member of the product design team at Microsoft, uploaded a short video on Twitter showing some new file icons.

As you can see in the video, the new icons are simple (as icons usually should be), using harmonious but colourful designs, and it’s easy to determine which application they open by looking at them. The change is part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to modernise the look and feel of not only its productivity suite, but all of its software products as they transition to the Fluent Design System.

New Office file icons
Some of the new Office filetype icons (top row: docx, pptx, xlsx; bottom row: one, pub, vsdx)

The new file icons are currently rolling out to various platforms, beginning with the Outlook for iOS and OneDrive. You can check out the full set of icons on the Office UI Fabric website.