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Pantone adds 294 new colours to its Formula Guide

Marking the first update to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) since 2016, Pantone – the world authority on colour standards – has added 294 new colours to its core library, bringing the total to 2,161 colours.

With so many colours already available, you’re probably wondering what the new ones actually are. Primarily, they’re basic colours in the neutral, tan, grey, navy and black ranges. The updated system is designed to align more closely with the company’s Fashion, Home + Interiors library for better colour consistency across a variety of materials.

The Pantone Matching System is used around the world for inspiration, specification, and accuracy in print and digital design. It allows designers to confidently select, communicate and compare colours, while the included ink formulations help printers accurately achieve the colours on printed materials.

Pantone Formula Guides
Pantone Formula Guides

Along with the new colours, Pantone has launched a new Pantone Connect extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows you to access all of the Pantone Color Libraries in the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. It has improved search, sort and filter functionalities and lets you easily convert CMYK, RGB, and Hex values to Pantone Colors.

In addition, you can create, tag and share colour palettes to the cloud, enabling collaborative colour workflow management.

Pantone Formula Guide
The new colours bring the total number in the Pantone Matching System to over 2,000

“Adding the launch of the Pantone Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud to this mix will enhance the ability to identify, communicate and verify colours both physically and digitally in the Pantone universe,” notes Fernández.

Head over to the Adobe Exchange portal to download the extension and use the new colours in your projects immediately. If you prefer the physical swatch books, buy them here, though if you already own older copies, you probably won’t be missing out on much.