United by separation

Global brands modify their logos to promote “social distancing”

Who would have thought months ago that terms such as “self-isolation”, “lockdown” and “social distancing” would soon become a part of our everyday lexicon? The spread of COVID-19 has influenced the way we speak, but it’s also affected the ways we physically interact with each other.

The term “social distancing” has become particularly relevant as health authorities recommend keeping a distance between yourself and others to slow the spread of the virus. Now, a number of major global brands have interpreted social distancing in redesigns of their logos as a way of spreading the message.


McDonald’s Brazil pulled apart its iconic golden arches in an advertisement posted to its Facebook page. It expressed that while the company is separated from its customers due to the closures of some restaurants, the availability of drive-thru and delivery options means they “can always be together”.

McDonald's separates its golden arches to promote social distancing


Soft drink manufacturer Coca-Cola is running an ad in New York’s deserted Times Square that shows each of the letters in its logo separated, with the caption “Staying apart is the best way to stay united.” The brand typically celebrates togetherness in its ads.

Coca-Cola separates the letters in its logo to promote social distancing

Audi and Volkswagen

The German automotive group that owns Audi and Volkswagen released similar videos for both brands in their respective social media accounts.

Audi separated its four rings in a short video telling people to stay at home, keep their distance, stay healthy and support each other.

Audi separates its four-ringed logo to promote social distancing

Volkswagen’s video, meanwhile, culminates in the logo’s V and W breaking away from each other.

Audi separates the V and W in its logo to promote social distancing

Nine Network

Back home, the Nine Network has altered its logo which consists of nine dots arranged in a tight grid, to a scattered layout. In a tweet, the network accompanied the redesigned logo with the hashtag #SocialDistancing to encourage everyone to do their part and curb the spread of COVID-19.

Nine Network logo with scattered dots to promote social distancing

Want some more coronavirus-inspired logos? Check out the work of Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan, who recently redesigned other well-known brands’ logos to reflect how the pandemic has affected people and businesses around the world.