Think you're a font of all knowledge?

Test your typeface knowledge with The Font Game

If you consider yourself a typographic savant, then put your knowledge to the test with new quizzes from the popular I Love Typography blog.

The Font Game presents the names of 30 typefaces, and it’s your job to match each typeface to one of four strings of letters that spell out the word “fargo”. The quiz features a variety of typeface styles, from classical Trajan to the experimental Template Gothic, so your knowledge needs to be wide for you to do well.

One of the 30 challenges from The Font Game featuring the Centaur typeface

I Love Typography dubs the quiz “somewhat difficult”, so if you aced it, you can look forward to two progressively tougher levels coming soon. If you can’t wait, ramp up the difficulty immediately with the Glorious Glyphs game, in which you need to identify a typeface from a single character (or glyph). It’s definitely not a walk in the park – this game features some typefaces from lesser-known foundries as well as some released within the last five years.

A test from the Glorious Glyphs game

If you didn’t do so well, there are plenty of resources out there to help you brush up on your typeface recognition. Check out The Anatomy of Type by Stephen Coles, which explores one hundred traditional and modern typefaces in detail and reveals the best letters for identification with annotations. The Designer’s Dictionary of Type by Sean Adams is also useful for gaining a foundational understanding of typography, with details on the unique characteristics of a range of major typefaces.

Share the quizzes around with your fellow designers and see who can claim bragging rights with their scores. Good luck!