City of Auburn Visitors Guide

This project was the result of an open brief at university and allowed me to apply design to a subject matter close to home (in a manner of speaking).

The City of Auburn is an ethnically colourful area in the heart of Sydney. It is a shortcut to all corners of the world, with influences from Turkey, Pakistan, China, the Philippines and more. Despite the abundance of cultures and traditions, people here are free to be who they want to be, accepted as they are. There is a strong sense of community, of freedom and acceptance. When you come to Auburn, you belong.

Many of my peers were unaware of the wonders of this multicultural hotspot and its significance to Sydney, so I designed a City of Auburn Visitors Guide.


For this project, I conceived a visual identity (including a logo), original photography and an illustrated map.

The Guide shows visitors the best that Auburn has to offer in the way of food and dining, sightseeing and entertainment, with a visual style that reflects our diversity and community spirit.

The first opening highlights some major events in the community. This is followed by a list of points of interest which is divided into four themes: Attractions, Shopping, Eating Out, and Pubs and Clubs. Each point of interest has a numbered marker that appears on the relevant location on the map overleaf.

Turning over, there is a sidebar containing information to help users understand the map. This includes a legend which defines the symbols and patterns designated to local facilities and environmental features. Further down is information on public transport and a free shuttle service in the area.

The scale of the map allowed me to include street-level information and clearly define the hierarchy of roads to help guide passage through the area. To improve the usability of the map for users when on foot, I marked out circles which radiate from the train stations and indicate 5-minute walking distances. In addition, I designed illustrations that were symbolic of each attraction for easy identification on sight. Secondary in importance to the points of interest but also of value to visiting users are locations of shops, parking spaces and more.