Hello, my name is Emre

(That’s em-ray for those of you playing at home.)

I’m a graphic designer from Sydney, and I’m particularly interested in information design and data visualisation. My mission is to make numbers, facts, ideas, subjects, issues, processes – what have you – accessible, comprehensible and beautiful.

I am currently available for short-term design projects and writing commissions. So if you have an opportunity, a question, or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch by emailing me at hi at emrearal dot com.



Market research agency

Information Designer, 2017–

Grain Creative

Designer, 2015

University of Western Sydney

Designer, 2014

Qantas Airways

Design Intern, 2013


2015 Creativity International Awards – Winner

Project: Jacob’s Creek Expedition Wines
Agency: Grain Creative
Creative Director: Jure Leko
Role: Designer

AGDA Student Awards 2015 – Distinction

Project: UWS Graduation Exhibition Identity
Role: Exhibition and Promotion Design

2014 NSW/ACT Graduate of the Year Awards – Finalist

Category: Graphic Design

2013 Sydney Design Awards – Finalist

Project: TRACE
Category: Graphic Design – Publication
Organisation: University of Western Sydney

Featured work on TheLoop.com.au

August 2013


Bachelor of Design
(Visual Communication)

Graduation with Distinction, University of Western Sydney, 2011–2014

Dean’s Medal

University of Western Sydney, 2014


Student Council Member

Australian Graphic Design Association, 2012

*These lists are non-exhaustive.